Monday, February 25, 2013

Hooray for Hollywood

In honor of the Academy Awards, I have spent the past few weeks watching previously nominated movies.  For a fun fashion flashback, I checked out "All About Eve" starring the inimitable Bette Davis. The clothes are a dream although Margo is arrogant and annoying at times, it is possible to sympathize with her as Eve attempts to sabotage her.  Although the movie ends with a "what goes around, comes around" kind of message,that is not all.  Once Eve "moves on and up from"  Margo and Karen's lives, I thought it ended on a positive note for the two long time friends.  Also, the fact that many of us can be difficult to be around at times but hopefully there are those "best" friends who will tolerate us through all our moods.

                        I love the bow blouse with the small brooch on the left side of her jacket!

            The neckline on the blouse she is wearing reminds me of my "Sew for Victory" blouse.