Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cabbage--the New Rice?

In my never ending quest to encourage my family to try new foods (especially vegetables), I have been on a cabbage kick lately.  Possibly memories of my grandma's cooked cabbage and carrot soup  have contributed to this new found interest in creating dishes with cabbage.  As a little kid I would eat bowl after bowl of it and the ingredients were simply cabbage, carrots, water, a little onion and maybe some left over bacon grease for flavoring.  I am sure this was one of her Great Depression era recipes.

Of course, in my own household such simple dishes are not appreciated, but I don't like to admit defeat.  So today I took a kielbasa sausage, half a bag of coleslaw mix cabbage (I am a busy working mom), olive oil, dried onion and 1/2 can of beef broth.  First heated the coleslaw mix in a little olive oil, until warmed but not completely limp.  Then I added the cut up kielbasa and 1/2 can of beef broth and heat until warmed through. 

Cabbage retrieved from www.hort.perdue.edu
Everyone had to admit, the cabbage can of took on the flavor of the meat.  It was not too bad and a good way to get a vegetable into a meal.  Of course, a few members of my family ate around the cabbage to get to the kielbasa. I remain undaunted and will try to build more meals around the humble cabbage.

I tried to take a picture of the finished dish, but the photo just did not do it justice.