Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Embrace Winter

First day of snow here in Waukee, IA.  A strong wind and no sun adds to the grayness of the day.  Iowa winters can last about 5 months with varying degrees of grayness, amounts of snow, ice and overall blah.  Although I always say I want to move somewhere warm, our families and roots are here.  Also, we don't really travel much either.  So instead of dropping into a funk and curling up in a chair for the next 4 to 5 months, I am going to find ways to "embrace winter" this year.

My inspiration comes from reading about Sweden and the Scandinavian countries.  Their winters are long, bleak and cold but that does not stop the hardy Swedes from going outside and getting fresh air.  Also, much like in Iowa, the warm seasons are colorful and beautiful and offer a multitude of activities.

My list for ways to "embrace winter" project include:

1. Going ice skating at an outdoor skating rink.

2. Taking a cross country ski lesson through the Parks and Rec.

3. Planning a family outing a Sleepy Hollow park-lots of snowboarding etc.

4. Knitting or crocheting some fun hats and scarves that are warm and fun.

5. Finding cheerful sweaters to wear.

6. Making a pot of soup weekly.

7. NOT using the weather as an excuse to avoid going to the gym and/or water exercise class.

8. Baking my own bread-that will help warm up house.

9. Finding a pretty winter scene to hang up in my living room ( I always like warm scenes for my    wallpapers etc.

10. Knitting my doggies a sweater.

11. Planning a trip to an indoor water park (maybe over spring break, which is usually cold here.

12. Weekly craft days for example, scrapbook with kids, etc.

13. Lighting candles to create light in our living spaces.

14. Not participating in negative conversations (i.e. whining ) about the temperature/snow/ice.

15.  Enjoying the fireplace in my own home.
                                     Photo from: lauraslifeinsweden.blogspot.com

   Do you have any plans to embrace winter this year?