Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crafting for Others

The open book is  "The Crochet Prayer Shawl Companion by Janet Bristow & Victoria A. Cole-Galo, p.95.
One of the great joys of knitting and crocheting is making gifts for others. There comes a point though, when your mom or kids do not need another scarf.  That is when expanding the gift vision comes into play.  Many people might create blankets for Project Linus or the Premie Project.  I have found a lot of satisfaction knitting or crocheting prayer shawls for members of my church parish.

While on extended bed rest during my last pregnancy, a kind person from my church created a beautiful baby blanket for my baby.  The point of a Prayer Shawl Ministry  is that prayers are said for the person to receive it while it is being made.  The thoughtfulness of the person who made Reid's blanket stays with me to this day.  Since then, I have made many different sizes, colors and patterns for other people of the parish.  There is no formalized or uniform prayer said as I make the shawl.  Once it is finished, I pray that it will make it to the person who could benefit from it the most.

I belong to a large and relatively young parish community.  More times than you would expect, children and young parents are undergoing serious medical treatments and procedures.  Hospital laundry detergents can be harsh and the blankets and sheets are not soft or homey.  For this reason, I like to create a little something that is soft and feels warm against the skin.  Currently I am working on a smaller shawl that could be used for a child.  The bright Azure blue will be edged with crochet daisies once it is finished.  Again, my spring fever is apparent.  Part of the beauty of the ministry is that it is all anonymous and given as a gift from the community and the recipients are anonymous as well.  The most you may know about the recipient is for example " a 40 year old male being treated for cancer".  Crafting for others in the way is a good way to send some cheer and love out into the world.  I would love to hear about your experiences of "crafting for others."